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great feel!

love the vibrato synth. the shifts to the separate melody lines in the song are great; they're different but complement the other sections. funky and tells a story; I can picture a man walking down a city beside many clubs and pubs, but happily passing them ... because today he is the happiest man in the world, he needs nothing to lift his spirits, they are soaring the evening of this beautiful day.
the build-ups are like him remembering the days past events and the happiness building up inside him.

I love the mixing, panning, and the instruments. It sounds very professional!

durn responds:

If only I could walk past a pub without going inside. ;) lol. But yea, you definitely got the feel of the track. :) Though if I were to add lyrics it'd be about a hot chick shakin' her ass on the dancefloor!

"The way you move, the way you groove, the way you step into the room..."

Thanks for the warm review, Philzart. :)

The song hugs my ears!

the stereo separation on some of the instruments gives a bizarre surrounding feeling, like a hug -- but it actually feels like it draws you in! it's really cool.

great mood setting background music!

I love how it builds ever so slightly over time instead of being static. the volume of the instruments is well set, the quiet bass strings ( i believe) give a looming, ominous feel to it. I like how it changes slightly too, it isn't just the same loop of sound over and over and over.
Very good for just an experiment!
what about adding a processed choir or metallic screech in? -- with either a sustained note or maybe a slow gradual theme to add a little extra depth.

KKSlider60 responds:

This was actually my first real dark ambient experiment. I gradually discarded this idea, and focused on other things instead. At the time, I didn't have a good quality microphone, so I couldn't record myself and process the sounds. If you wait enough, after my collab is done ("Reflections"), another one is coming soon called "Fallen Eclipse" - a pure Dark Ambient one. ^^
Thanks for your review,

excellent everything!

the melody that comes in has cool variations and a great rhythm. the drum is has great panning and sounds really nice. the background effects give a really dynamic feel, and its got an interesting deserty feel. the instruments are well picked.
I love the progression also and transfer between the different sections.
An exceptional song in my eyes.

durn responds:

:O You can see music!?!? That's cooooool! :D hehehe, it's nice to read that you heard all the subtleties I threw in. Thanks for the warm review, Philzart. :)

Phantom of the Opera?

I love how the guitar fits with the feel. the instruments are very well picked!

mr-vincent responds:


love the lead!

I love the lead! the beginning and the the repeating notes are a bit messy, maybe use an instrument with less reverb. You should fix the bell in the background, it doesn't progress, and appears off key all lot since it doesn't follow the chord progression of the song. Otherwise, great remix!

good but ...

It could really use some progression, or even a light or slow, bassy distorted beat.
Dynamics may improve it also, making it more engaging - and creepy.

KKSlider60 responds:

Sorry to disagree but it was intended to sound like that. If I'd have to use some progression I would have done that, and about dynamics, I explicitly said that I'm currently experiment with distortion and low fidelity equalization. Also, beat is not required in extreme atmospheric music, such as Ambient music. Please, do improve your rating/review skills as I didn't see any useful advice in it, although I appreciate you took your time to express your opinion. In my humble opinion, this didn't deserve a "1" - even if I hardly care about mere numbers.
I hope you enjoy the rest of my tracks.
Have a nice day,

awesome build-up

where did you get the sounds for the percussion? it's so cool!

montehawks responds:


see the above comment to get the URL

awesome, but mixing could a little better.

great theme, drumloops and instruments--- but the volume and mixing of the instruments could be slightly better. the two heavy synths are too near each other's frequencies, try giving one more treble or bass to it's frequency.

epic remix!

Love everything about, the mixing, the changes, the dynamics, and drumbeat!
The megaman themes sound really good like this!

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